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Custom Solutions

The Partner You Need to Bring Your Vision to Life

Experienced technicians at Albert can help you design and/or spec any soft Sarolit™ part you may need for virtually any application. Our expert craftsmen in our German sister facility can tool a custom mold for less money and in less time than an injection mold could be fabricated. Then, once your custom mold is complete, our rotational mold process, along with our proprietary soft Sarolit™ material, leaves you with the highest-quality soft part you can get.

There are three ways to work with Albert to solve your custom needs.

Existing Products

Modifying an existing Albert product for your needs.
If there is an existing Albert product, but it needs to be modified in any way – size, durometer, valve, attachment, wall thickness or required special additives, such as cold-resistant polymers or UV blockers – we can work with you to determine the best way to accomplish your goals.

New Products With Molds

Manufacturing truly custom products with new molds.
Our technicians can help you design your product to take advantage of our Sarolit™ material's unique properties, and our master mold makers in our German facility will build the tool or mold needed to manufacture it. The anodized aluminum mold created for your product is yours – you own it. Albert retains the rights to the mold, and we can store it for you for future manufacturing needs.

Prototype Molds

Initial testing and/or prototyping new products.
We strongly suggest that our customers invest in a prototype mold to see if their designs will in fact fit their needs. Changes can then be made before the final mold is produced. These prototype molds are made of non-anodized aircraft aluminum and will produce up to 25 to 50 samples.