Albert Manufacturing employees designing a new product Albert Manufacturing employees designing a new product

A Tradition of Excellence

Albert Manufacturing USA is a modern, high-tech company with roots in an old-world tradition. With an exceptional reputation for quality, product innovation and technical excellence, we've been producing a wide variety of medical grade Sarolit™ (soft PVC) products for both the medical and industrial markets for more than 30 years. We only use our computer-controlled rotational molding machines and our proprietary Sarolit dispensing systems. Apart from our standard general market products, we also produce custom products at facilities in Europe, Asia and North America. Over the decades, our customers have come to value the flexibility and high-quality standards of Albert Manufacturing USA and the Albert Group.

Rotational Molding

We are equipped with the finest computerized rotational molding equipment and manufacture rotational and injection-molded elastomer products for medical and technical usage. Our computerized precision equipment ensures a consistency of quality and workmanship that is second to none. This means our products are made of one-piece constructions without bonded seams to come apart or imperfect surfaces.

Custom Design and Development

Our design department in Germany can transform customer ideas immediately into custom-made products. Whether you need a variation of an existing product, a completely new product and mold, or simply need a prototype built, our expert technicians can help. Click here to learn more about Custom Solutions.